$2,500 to $25,000

Business Location:

Business must be located in Cambria County

Interest Rate:

5.0% – 7.75%


12 – 72 months


Initial start-up costs, inventory/equipment, building acquisition, renovation, lease space, working capital, etc

Age of Business:

All ages


Will be evaluated based on risk rating which includes:  personal net worth, global debt service coverage, collateral, credit score, liquidity, experience, equity, and profitability


UCC-1 filing, mortgage (if appropriate)


Required owner personal guaranty if not a sole proprietor; additional outside guarantors may be required

Financial Statements:

Quarterly for the life of the loan



Technical Assistance:

Required for the duration of the loan

The Small Business Loan will fund businesses that are typically sole proprietorships, and LLCs from the earliest stages of start-up to existing entities positioned for growth. Some of these entrepreneurs have a secondary, and even a tertiary source of income to cover their personal expenses while they start or grow their business to a level where the business’s income is stable. These sources of income might come from an additional job(s) or from a family member.

The loan proceeds will be used by start-up businesses for initial expenses such as licenses, a computer, accounting and other software, business insurance, initial lease payment, professional services for legal and accounting support, land and building acquisition, leasehold improvements, furniture and small equipment purchases and/or working capital for cash flow.

Existing business may use loan proceeds to fund expansion costs such as land and building acquisition, leasehold improvements, additional fixtures, equipment and inventory, initial lease payment for larger space and/or working capital to hire additional employees.

In both cases, additional guarantors may be required.

This institution, JARI Growth Fund, is an equal opportunity employer and lender.

Small Business Cambria County Loan Product